What About The Zipper?

- Jun 29, 2017-

The zipper consists of a row of rows of chain teeth arranged in an orderly manner, through the pull ring up and down to move, to achieve the goal of blending and separation. In the life of the use of a very wide, often appear in clothing, purses, tents and other life related to the life of objects, when the bad pull, often let people very disturbing and affect the normal use of goods. So what are some good tips to solve this problem?

Zipper bad pull How to do the solution one: when the zipper is not good pull, you can pull the tail of the zipper, the zipper straightened, and then repeated by the next pull up, check whether smooth, if the reason is not smooth. There are many times, because the zipper card has other things, resulting in a smooth, just clear the point of obstruction, you can return to normal. In order to avoid similar situations, you can sew a Fangi hook on the top of the zipper, so that the hook hook to the top of the square hole, to achieve the purpose of smooth zipper.

Zipper bad pull How to do the solution two: to solve the trouble of zipper is not good, the easiest way is to give the surface of the zipper coated with a layer of wax, the use of wax lubrication effect, to achieve smooth effect. can use candles, on the surface of the zipper back and forth after the wipe, first try to pull a few, and then from the bottom of the repeated several times, you can achieve a smooth goal. In addition to wax can also use the sewing machine lubricating oil, in the location of the pull ring drops, repeatedly pull several times, can also achieve a smooth goal.