The Invention And Origin Of Zipper

- Jun 29, 2017-

Zipper, also called Zipper, is a great invention in human history that affects all aspects of people's lives. Zippers are usually used in clothing, handbags and other items, by the tooth band and pull the head, the advent of more than more than 100 years of history. So who invented the zipper? In fact, the invention of zipper is a combination of two of human intelligence products.

The earliest zipper was invented in 1893 by an engineer Whitcom Jaddson in Chicago, USA. He proposed the idea of opening and closing a series of hook-and-loop fasteners by pulling his head along the seam, when he used the wonderful word "buckle" as a trademark, but the name was not true. He made the zipper, in the process of use, after pulling, not burst open, is difficult to pull down. The result is that it has not been favored by the market and has not achieved commercialization.

1914 American Jideon Sondbach invented the real sense of a large-scale practical application of the zipper, he filed a patent application on August 27, 1914, the United States Patent US1219881 (British patent Gb12261), which was identified as the origin of modern zipper. The patented zipper has simple structure, exquisite, reliable and large tensile strength. This is a significant milestone for the birth of Zipper, before the invention of zipper, the human mainly applies buttons and fasteners to wear clothes and shoes, with easy riding boots, the use of iron hook-type fastener is cumbersome, wear off and inconvenience. He then developed the stamping parts and the machines that put the chain teeth on the belt. Around 1920, the zipper quickly became popular around the world, with a large number of garments, boots, sachet and so on. In this way, Sondbach Judson The original set of useless inventions, a change into a valuable large industry.