Quality Standards And Performance Requirements For Zippers

- Jun 29, 2017-

1, zipper washing shrinkage rate is not greater than 4%, dry cleaning shrinkage rate is not greater than 3%.

2, resistant to organic solvents. Dip the zipper into the temperature (20). C of four vinyl chloride solution 2h, and then remove to let its natural drying, zipper (with the move---use function.

3, zipper parts, metal coating corrosion resistance. The sample is immersed in NaCl solution of 3%, after 180min, take out let its natural dry, after the visual should be no.

4. Additional conditions for certain sales markets. such as the European Community countries, the main raw materials in the pull head zinc alloy, can not contain nickel (NI) elements, banned----in the yarn ribbon can not contain sulfur (s) and lead (PB) elements, excluding azo dyes.

Appearance requirements

1, steel zipper chain teeth Ching, full, no overflow, no small teeth, injured teeth. Nylon zipper chain teeth should feel smooth, no burr, pull the head should not have-----teeth should be arranged neatly, not skew, the teeth should not be broken, the edge of the pit should not be split, smooth table.

2, zipper color bright, colorless spot, colorless flower, no dirt, soft touch, outside pretty scraping, no wrinkles or distortions, good meshing.

3, the plastic steel zipper and the metal zipper yarn belt must not break the belt rib. Nylon zipper stitching should not be biased, to sew in the center line, can not have a jump needle, reverse seam phenomenon----not to install skew.

4, the glue is neat. Adhesive in-35 Shan without hair embrittlement phenomenon, the glue outside the adhesive 10 times Light-tubes 180o, no broken phenomenon.

5, Electroplating pulls the head, should the coating bright, does not have the skin, does not have the serious scratches, the coating thickness must at least be greater than 3? m. Paint, spray-painted head surface color bright, coated, no dead corners and other defects.

6, the bottom surface should have a clear trademark.