Market Breakout Of Zipper Industry

- Jun 29, 2017-

2010 became zipper Enterprise Patent number of the most one years, beautiful dexterity, variation luxury, modelling and other design elements are on the zipper to strengthen and publicize 2010, China Zipper industry can use "wind" to describe, just from the world financial crisis to come out of the Chinese zipper industry, showing an unprecedented boom, the first half of the demand for zipper burst growth, most of the products are in short supply of zipper State, and the second half of the order to maintain stability. Full year industry-wide production, product volume than 2009 years out of 15%, some large-scale zipper business sales growth even beyond $number.

How should we look at this industry's booming performance growth, the development of China's zipper industry there are potential problems, the future will be what kind of development trend? The market's rigid demand increases the demand for zippers in 2010, the demand for zippers in the garment industry increased significantly than in 2009, while other industries also increased the demand for zippers. In the face of the huge demand of the market, many zipper enterprises have not yet from the world "financial crisis" in the lingering response, the demand for the market is too cautious, conservative, so that the zipper production capacity is generally unable to adapt to the increase in the status of orders.