How To Identify A Zipper By Pulling The Head?

- Jun 29, 2017-

1. Double-Pull head zipper

Double pulls the head zipper generally uses is the resin zipper more, generally uses in the down jacket, the charge clothing and grasps sweater and the soft shell above. As long as the resin of the double zipper has a common feature is that the use of 5VS Series A big one to match, are on the small under the big form, the above zipper slightly smaller, below the slightly larger form of double zipper.

2. The font above the zipper

Currently authentic YKK zipper above the font there are two kinds: one is a common narrow body, the other is wide body, from the current point of view, the use of a wide range of fakes less, the use of narrow body more. If the zipper above the font is wide body, in general, the likelihood of real goods is relatively large, of course, also need to be more convenient to identify.

3. Zipper Head