Zipper constructs its unique aesthetic function

- Jun 29, 2017-

We all know that there are many kinds of zippers, because we have zippers on our clothes, trousers, even shoes.

If you want to make a good zipper, then we must keep the zipper beautiful appearance, smooth opening and closing, but also to be able to durable. But in our real life, we tend to be embarrassed by some poor zipper. For example, the new clothes zipper is not up, the jeans open the skylight, it is more difficult for us to accept at the airport or important meetings when this happens. Zipper determines the vitality of clothing, consumers want to buy clothing, clothing zipper is the choice of high-quality zipper.

The zipper, while enriching its use function, constructs the unique esthetic function. The forming process of zipper form is the expression of the law of "point-line and line-moving" in the form of beauty law. As is known to all, "point" in space plays a role in marking the position, with attention, highlighting the character of the line of sight. The different position and shape of the points and their changes will cause people's different visual feelings, and the zipper is a sliding device rolling connection between the two-row staggered point-like objects, in which the dense small point produced a smooth rhythm, sliding large points with the change in position to attract the viewer's "eyeball."