Teach you how to buy quality zipper

- Jun 29, 2017-

Important tips When choosing a zipper:

Because the zipper in different environment has different adaptability, so in the purchase of zippers should be made to the manufacturer:

1, zipper application in what type of products (such as suitcases, boots, ski clothes, raincoats, tents, washing water, jeans or more acidic leather products) or other special requirements

2, the requirements of the zipper components, whether or not to contain azo (azo), nickel-free, or can be a needle detector.

Zipper quality commonly used identification methods:

Cloth Belt: Cloth with uniform dyeing, no stain, no scars, and feel soft, in the vertical direction or in the horizontal direction, the cloth belt to be wavy.

Teeth: The surface of the teeth to be smooth, pull feel soft and smooth, and less noise.

Head: The lock pulls the head pull relaxed freely, locks the solid but does not slide.

Cloth: Tape tight buckle cloth belt, not easy to break, fall off. box, insert sheath: interspersed freely, fastening cloth belt.