Sealed Zipper Storage Description

- Jun 29, 2017-

★ For the sealed zipper of the stock, the zipper should be kept in the shade.

★ Long time Inventory zipper, should be kept in the closed box, away from the strong ventilation place, to avoid the chain teeth oxidation discoloration;

★ Sealed zipper installed on clothing or other products, in the non working State, the zipper should be open and wax preserved in the shade;

★ Clothing packaging, can be along the foot and zipper outward to roll up clothing, loaded into the bag. When coiling, the zipper cannot be folded and the outer package cannot be pressed for other heavy weights;

★ Clothing is not packaged, you can open the clothing hanging up to save, the suspension should be as far as possible to reduce the direction of the zipper tooth tension, so as to avoid the extension of the zipper deformation;