Seal Zipper Use Instructions

- Jun 29, 2017-

★ Before opening and closing the zipper, please use clear water or brush to remove the attachment of dust or mud sand on both sides of the zipper tooth column. The reason is that the attachment may affect the tightness of the zipper or even damage the zipper;

★ Open and close the zipper, make sure the pull head along the Zipper tooth column direction. Oblique pull, will lead to poor meshing of the chain teeth, reduce the tightness of the zipper performance or even damage zipper;

★ Zipper Opening and closing speed should be controlled in 10-15 m/min, do not repeatedly open and close the zipper, in order to avoid pulling the head of heat lead to pull hair or damage zipper;

★ Clothing fabrics, such as stuck zipper, should pull the head to open the chain direction slightly pull back, remove the chain of things after the zipper will slowly pull, must not be blunt pull, otherwise will damage the zipper;

★ Zipper in the back or side of the garment, be sure to allow others to assist in opening and closing zipper;

★ Zipper Use finished, should first with water or brush to remove the zipper outside the teeth of the silt and other attachments, and then open the zipper to clear the inside of the zipper, as far as possible to avoid external dirt into the zipper internal teeth, reduce zipper tightness performance or damage zipper;

★ Zipper Use finished, and after cleaning, should be in the zipper external teeth coated with a layer of beeswax film, gently back and forth two times, to protect the zipper and ensure that the next use of smooth, but beeswax can only be applied to the external teeth, and can not be applied to the internal teeth, otherwise it may reduce its

★ For the Sealed zipper with order specification above 4 meters, in order to avoid excessive wear of the head, it is recommended to use double pull head specification;

★ When using PVC sealed zipper, please do not use when ambient temperature is below 10 Shan or above 40 Shan. The reason is that the PVC character will change, reduce its tightness or even completely airtight;

SPVC sealed zipper due to its characteristics of polyvinyl chloride, will be gradually reduced with the use of time and temperature changes.