Overview of Waterproof Zipper

- Jun 29, 2017-

A waterproof zipper is a branch of a nylon zipper and is a nylon zipper that is specially treated. Commonly used features include: PVC film, sticking TPU film, waterproof agent immersion, coating waterproof zipper and so on.

PVC film Waterproof zipper used main material is PVC, the main ingredient is polyvinyl chloride. TPU film is the use of TPU granular materials, through a special process made of film. It inherits the excellent physical property of TPU, and its application range is very wide. Because TPU overcomes many defects of PVC, so TPU waterproof zipper also in performance than PVC waterproof zipper superior. Coating waterproof zipper is characterized by not falling off, not white, not brittle, low temperature 70s, environmental protection, soft, waterproof good.