Basics of Zipper

- Jun 29, 2017-

1. What is a zipper?

A connecting piece consisting of two flexible tooth chains which can be meshed together and head which can be repeatedly opened and pulled.

2. Type of zipper?

Open tail zipper, close tail zipper.

3. What is a closed-end zipper?

When the zipper is pulled apart, the chain of teeth on both sides cannot be completely separated.

4. What is the open tail zipper?

When the zipper is opened, the two sides of the tooth chain can be completely separated.

5. What is the tension force?

The Yuchin and the transverse limit force of the tape are applied under the prescribed conditions.

6. What do you mean by pulling the tail?

Transverse applied to the tooth chain with the opening of the tail, it opened the destruction of the ultimate force.

7. What is the power of the socket move position?

Drag the socket from the tooth chain to the longitudinal pull off the damage of the limit force.

8, what is the pull of the light slip?

Under the prescribed conditions, pull the zipper process maximum force.

9, what is the pull head, pull the piece bonding force?

The ultimate force that pulls the pull piece from the vertical direction of the pulling head body.

10. What is the load pull?

Zipper in the specified horizontal and longitudinal tension, pull the head for reciprocating movement, can withstand the number of times.

11, China's current implementation of the zipper industry standard code is what?

Metal zipper: Kb t 2171-2001

Plastic zipper: Kb T 2172-2001

Nylon Zipper: Kb t 2173-2001

12. What does BS3084 mean?

UK zipper pull.